Friday, June 25, 2010

Politic is a playground

Your probably sick of hearing about Julia Gillard being the first woman prime minister of Australia and kicking Kevin Rudd out the role. This to me was sad news not happy news. I don’t want to be mean or whatever but what Julia Gillard did was not for the country, instead I believe it was a hidden desire of more power. You may be thinking ‘How does this chick know?’ Well the simple answer is who doesn’t want more power in politics, everyone will do whatever it takes to be more superior to others.

You thought you trusted that friend of yours and little did you know that friend bitches about you and pretend she will never do anything to hurt you. That’s what Julia Gillard did to Kevin Rudd. How would you feel about that if you found out a friend bitched about you?

What Julia Gillard did I don’t know if it was the right thing or not, I don’t know the inside story so I can’t say much. Only time will tell. But let me tell you, she will always be known as the first woman prime minister who acted treachery. She could have become prime minister in a way where no one got hurt that would be something to celebrate for, but this it’s harsh. We did not get a voice in ousting Kevin Rudd out his role, the Labour ministries did. Do you know what I find stupid, it’s close to the election let him be Prime Minister for the last round and if you lose so what there will be a new election in another four years until then work hard, help the country and let the public have a voice.  

Do you know what? I don’t care about politics they’re just backstabbers who want more power and to look more superior, all I care about is the winning party does their job right and fair. Julia Gillard can do what she wants but I think we should remember if Labour Party loses the election this year man that would be hell embarrassing!  

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 hour sleep

First of all, my internet went wacky yesterday and the internet didn’t load however surprisingly the internet is back to normal today. This morning I woke up at 3.30am to watch Australia vs Serbia. The first half was hell boring, both side kicked up and down; Australia kept passing the ball down to the defenders. They weren’t even pushing forward. Second half was a blessing and a misery. The blessing was Australia scored TWO goals; the misery is you guessed it Serbia scored a goal. If Australia won against Serbia 2:0 they had a chance, but they had to get 4:0 at least to qualify. 

Besides that Germany’s match against Ghana was on the same time as Aus. Match. I was so angry, while watching Australia’s match that they announced Mesut Ozil scored a goal for Germany. He is like my favourite football player and his first international goal LIVE I had to miss, lucky I got to see it an hour later not live though, a disappointment to my day but good news GERMANY QUALIFIED. 

PS Australia did a good job, they came home winning, I was sad but I’m proud of their hard work.

You should've seen me this morning I came to school with a mighty grin on my face, plus I couldn't stop talking about the football match. Lesson 1 I was like dead, do you know in the SultanaBran cereal ad with the fuzzy blurry images you get at school when you miss breakfast, I saw them today. 


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Monday, June 21, 2010


For all you fashion craze ladies and gentlemen out there, here is a quote I wrote of my definition of fashion, if you agree or don’t agree comment below and tell me why!! Or better yet tell me your definition of fashion!!

" Fashion is not the product 
it’s  the individuality"

Alexander Wang Resort 2011

Tomorrow, if I have time which I probably will, the post will be all about the World Cup (Australia and Germany)!!!!

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YO! My name is Diana. I am not a FOB on blogspot, you may know me from out of date rookie if you don’t……Anyway, welcome to ONE-NIL.
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I guess your wondering what is this chick doing on blogspot? To tell you the truth I don't know, blogging can be considered a hobby of mine that turns on and off.

Here are a few things about me 

Name: Diana
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Interest: reading, writing, listening to music, playing sports, being active 24/7 
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yeh that's it about me
but more to come in more posts! so stay tune!

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