Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 hour sleep

First of all, my internet went wacky yesterday and the internet didn’t load however surprisingly the internet is back to normal today. This morning I woke up at 3.30am to watch Australia vs Serbia. The first half was hell boring, both side kicked up and down; Australia kept passing the ball down to the defenders. They weren’t even pushing forward. Second half was a blessing and a misery. The blessing was Australia scored TWO goals; the misery is you guessed it Serbia scored a goal. If Australia won against Serbia 2:0 they had a chance, but they had to get 4:0 at least to qualify. 

Besides that Germany’s match against Ghana was on the same time as Aus. Match. I was so angry, while watching Australia’s match that they announced Mesut Ozil scored a goal for Germany. He is like my favourite football player and his first international goal LIVE I had to miss, lucky I got to see it an hour later not live though, a disappointment to my day but good news GERMANY QUALIFIED. 

PS Australia did a good job, they came home winning, I was sad but I’m proud of their hard work.

You should've seen me this morning I came to school with a mighty grin on my face, plus I couldn't stop talking about the football match. Lesson 1 I was like dead, do you know in the SultanaBran cereal ad with the fuzzy blurry images you get at school when you miss breakfast, I saw them today. 


take care 


Naka said...

i wanna watch now XD

----- said...

yes you should
plus i know the reason why you wanna watch because you think ozil is HOT!! :D LOLS


hahah, oh yes the fuzzies tend to hit me during periods one and two! but after recess i get a little better :) aww yeah sucks that we didn't qualify, oh well!

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