Saturday, August 7, 2010


I feel the need to get inspired and pictures is what is giving me inspiration! Anyway I think I have caught the bloggin bug and hopefully I don't heal from it because it's fun to write post, rambling on about stuff people don't necessarily care when you talk to them. Well that is it for now, I have to go study for my test tomorrow which I want to ace because I'm Asian and Asians want to ace tests. 
Wish me luck fellow stars
xx Dianonkey Kong


Silkybow said...

wish you luck :P!

Luci Ana said...

I love the photos and good luck :)

tiana said...

i love that tree wall thing, that would be so cool to have in my room
and yes, good luck!

Fé... said...

I'd love to have that cherry blossom tree inside my house. How wonderful would that be...

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