Saturday, August 14, 2010

Military Clothes without the Purpose of War


I only have less than one month left of winter, which I have been looking forward to because I am sick of wearing jeans and jackets everywhere I go. I am lusting to buy military boots to wear with my shorts and military boots can go with anything, jeans, shorts, short shorts, skirts and dresses. The best thing is military colour palettes, olive brown can suit everyone from pale to tan. In the vogue military collection above, my spring shopping list is to buy a light brown button up shirt in the last picture, an olive green shorts, the short sleeve green jacket and a utility jacket. But I doubt I'll find similar pieces where I live, but I'll search high and low. Tomorrow, I'm going shopping before the Uni open day and find a adequate price of military boots, those metallic necklaces thingos and a brown or olive brown belt. Wish me luck on my scavenger hunt.

 Dianonkey Kong


Luci Ana said...

I love these colors!

Orphin Lasz said...

I absolutely ADORE military fashion...!
I really like the textures used, as well as the edge and how feminine these kind of clothes can be!
* w *)/

~ Orphin's Domains ~

Anonymous said...

thanks for commenting! i love the military style, and have already bought cargo pants and an olive uniform jacket... i wish i could afford that balmain jacket though..

The October Issue said...

I'm loving the military look.I just bought army green cargo skinny jeggings,can't wait to rock them!

Naka said...

i would love military boots and i lvoe the green and military themed clothing ^^

Dylana Suarez said...

This editorial is delightful!

Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

STACY said...

I love military colours - I bought a green utility jacket :)
I'd also LOVE military boots, still looking though!
love your blog xx

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice post...
wanna exchange link and follow me??

Dorothy Souhuwat said...


so keep in touch..

Silkybow said...

It's a 5 second walk from my house... after yesterday I never realised how many green grass and garden like things surround my house!
It's cool~
how was the uni day thingy? :)

ViCreative said...

love it..I especially love the jackets!

(new post: Eye of the tiger & follow me)

joninel said...

nice inspiration :) i love them all

Fé... said...

Your blog is gorgeous. I'm instantly in love the moment I saw it! I'll be stalking you from now on, so I'm following. And thanks for following mine :p Have a fantastic weekend, dearie! It's great to get to know you!

TOPCOAT said...

I adore this, I am loving these photos so much!
Lovely blog! xx

ARA said...

this editorial is gorgeous. Love all the looks.xx

JadeRose said...

camouflage and khaki...seriously how do they make it look so good? Love love love this shoot and styling :)

rachaelkrystina said...

Love that jacket paired with the Alexander Wang booties!

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